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Shari-Noel-Sigs.jpgLifetime Solutions Plus helps you prepare for the two biggest problems you will face in your lifetime:

  1. Outliving your money

  2. The effects of a long term care event on your assets, independence and peace of mind

As long term care specialists, our key focus is to have a candid conversation with you about your preparedness for a long term care event.

We find that most of our clients understand that a long term care event can happen to them and that they do not want to be a burden to their family, lose their hard earned assets or lose the independence that thorough planning allows.

Many of our clients are not aware of the tools that can be used to minimize the effects of a long term care event on their assets and retirement.

Through conversations addressing your fears, needs, goals and concerns, we help you develop and implement a strategy to deal with a long term care event.